Monday, June 22, 2009

Second-longest day of the year

Happy Second Longest day of the year! The optimist in me loves and cherishes this time of year. The pessimist in me realizes that the days are only going to get shorter from here. Bah!

I have had a pretty good day...for a Monday. I am still getting over my cold but just have a nasty cough. I feel just fine. And I've been able to eat some tasty things today, too. We have a great selection of fruit right now.

For breakfast, I had some Kashi Probiotic cereal with some plain non-fat yogurt and some blueberries and strawberries on top. I would usually have a spoonful of nut butter with this, but I have been really OD-ing on the nut butter lately. I am almost - almost - sick of it!

For a snack, I had some tasty cherries...

And the rest of this bag of pecans. I bought this bag of organic pecans from the health food store at least three weeks ago and I feel like I really got my $2.20 worth. You know what they say: A little pecan goes a long way.

For lunch, I had leftover Cumin Rice with Eggplant and Peas. It was ok. It needed some sprucing up!

I had my usual coffee but then I really rebelled and had a 3:30 peach instead of apple. I am so excited that peaches are starting to appear in stores, even though they are far from local. I should try to hold out until August when they are in their prime here, but I am a sucker for a peach.

Hubs was cutting the grass when I got home from work, so I tried to tide myself over for dinner by having some crackers and an apple with roasted almond butter. I must confess: roasted almond butter is much tastier than raw. I am not going to fight this realization.

For dinner, I had even more Cumin Rice but I DID spruce it up with half of an avocado. This made a world of difference!

For dessert, I had some dark chocolate, the same sized hunk as yesterday. I ate it while watching the news about the garbage strike that has recently afflicted Toronto. Pray that it is over soon or I will have a garden shed full of rotting avocado peels!

Here is a new product I picked up yesterday. You have to love Celestial Seasonings! If you've seen the movie Catch and Release and you love tea, you probably got a kick out of one of the side story lines. I wanted to try this flavour because I love chai tea but want to stay away from caffeine in the evening. This tea seemed perfect because it is herbal and doesn't require any added milk or sugar.

You can see my own bengal tiger in the background there!

This tea has an amazing sweetness. I feel like there must be some hidden sugar in there somewhere, but I've scanned the ingredient list to no avail!

Thus concludes another day of eats. I think I will be doing less of these Food Journal posts and more about overall health and well-being along with any neat or unusual products or recipes I try out. Alas, taking pictures of food isn't as much fun as I first believed! And it takes a while for them to upload. I don't know. I have definitely benefitted from keeping this blog, but sometimes I can be a bit obsessed!

Well it is time for my daily fix of TMZ. I am not going to watch Jon and Kate and learn what the big announcement is...or at least that is my plan. It is hard to stay away from other people's drama!

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