Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Speed Demon

What a great day! The hubs bought me a bicycle while I was at work and I just got back from a two hour ride.
What a beaut! It's a comfort bike so it's not meant for speedy riding or anything (I am working with only 6 gears) but it's perfect for me and the best part is that it doesn't hurt my butt. Bonus!

The day began on good terms, too. Any day that begins with both a Green Monster and almond butter can't go wrong, can it?
This was a very simple Green Monster composed of:
  • 1/2 banana
  • 2 strawberries
  • 1 cup of milk
  • 1 large handful of spinach
And that's two slices of toasted ezekiel bread with raw almond butter.

For a morning snack, I feasted on an Apple Pie Larabar. As soon as I took this out of the wrapper, it smelled just like apple pie. The same thing happened with the Cinnamon Roll flavour. It was very delicious. Why, oh why, do Larabars have to be so expensive?!

For lunch, I had leftovers (which I also had for dinner tonight and which I will also have for lunch tomorrow...talk about economical...and boring!). This was pretty tasty and more filling than yesterday's because I think I consumed more of the quinoa.

The sweet tooth struck again and I was jonesing for some chocolate. I had one Ferrero Rocher in my desk from a coworker. It hit the spot as chocolate is known to do, but it wasn't very fresh. It had a bit of that weird, white film on it. Boo!

And because I am an honest and dedicated food blogger, I also must admit, dear readers, that I also consumed one Hershey kiss. I don't even really like Hershey chocolate, but there you have it!

As usual, I had a cup of Starbs coffee...

And an apple for a snack. I call it my "3:30 apple".  It pretty much stands between me and total gorging upon returning home from work!

For dinner, more leftovers! This time, with the welcome addition of half of an avocado. Avocados can spruce up even the most boring of meals! (That's non-fat plain yogurt on top, my go-to substitute for sour cream in anything!)

Then came the bike ride! It was only around 5:45 pm when we finished dinner (the benefit of leftovers, eh?) so we decided to ride down by the beaches area. We rode along all of the beaches and ended up in Leslie Spit, this area of the harbour that kind of jets out into the lake and feels like a wildlife reserve. You don't feel like you are in the city anymore, until you spot the skyline.
We had a great time. I think this was the first time we ever did something outdoorsy together, and we've been with each other for over 6 years. Oy.

Dreams do come true, because we are also a 2 minute bike ride away from my hub's favourite destination in the entire world, the almighty DAIRY QUEEN. He would take DQ over homemade Italian gelato. Is that insane or what? In our marriage contract, there is a stipulation that I must partake in DQ during every date we have together. I had a small dipped cone. I probably should have got the kiddie size, but I have to say that this hit the spot!  I couldn't resist the combo of a bike ride and ice cream.  I honestly felt about 10 years old again!

I am so tired, I could easily pass out right now. Fresh air, exercise and refined carbohydrates will do that to a person! I will sleep well tonight.

I think this is a good look for me.  I should wear it to work tomorrow and see what my boss says.


  1. Ok - after reading all of your posts on here i am 100% commited to going to the supermarket after work tomorrow and getting 1) ingredients for a green monster; 2) larabars (i normally dislike "bars", but the description of these sound SO GOOD); and 3) sprouted grain bread (i've wanted to try this for a while but didn't know what brands were better than others and have put on researching this.

  2. Sounds like a perfect evening! I love that bike ride, down along the spit. It really does feel like you're in a totally different area!

  3. Your bike is really cute!

    Also, did you like today's Green Monster? I think this blend would be the most WW friendly recipe yet.

  4. Heather, I am so honoured that my eating habits have inspired yours! I am not sure if it's the Green Monsters or just the general healthy eating overall, but I have definitely noticed a change in my skin! My complexion has cleared right up. I think it might be those GMs...

    Andrea, what an amazing discovery! We live just east of The Beach (moved there just two weeks ago!) and I am excited to learn there are so many bike-able areas!

    Janet, yes, this Green Monster is extremely easy on the palate and low-cal to boot! Since I was having it with bread and nut butter, I wanted to keep it on the light side.