Friday, June 5, 2009

Short Day

Would you believe me if I told you that I purchased all of the above products at Walmart? Furthermore, would you believe me if I said that I purchased these products at a severely discounted rate? I COULD NOT BELIEVE MY EYES. It seemed like half of Walmart's organics section was on sale (I should clarify that this was one of those Walmarts with the grocery store included). Those cereals were $2 a box, even the fancy Dorset muesli! I got a box of 50 bags of green tea for $2 (although this was the regular price). And I even found some unusual products!

I have been wanting to try these peanut butters forever! They aren't so common in Canada I don't think, so I was particularly surprised to see them at Walmart for $2.50 a jar. These were the only two flavours available, but they were good enough for me. I tried the cinnamon raisin this morning. Delicious! I think the raisin part is sunk at the bottom, though. I didn't dare try the white chocolate too because I would have never gone to work. Instead, I'd be passed out on the kitchen floor, with peanut butter all over my face and an empty jar by my feet!  This is not an exaggeration.

I also found some spinach noodles This was in the international section, which I suppose is unique due to the area where my Walmart is located (I am one of the few caucasians at this one).

(The people on this package seem to be really enjoying their spinach noodles.)

At first I thought it would be filled with chemicals to make it green, but check out this ingredient list!

I had just read in my The Thrive Diet book that chlorophyll is excellent for the human body. This is a great product too because it has portion control. Those little red bands distribute the pasta into individual portions. That is the tough thing with pasta; it's so hard to figure out a serving because it's all based on weight and, I don't know about you, but I don't weigh pasta on a regular basis.  Just not my thing. I will be trying this out tonight!

So today was my first short day at work. I was so excited, but it ended up being quite a stressful morning.  There may have been tears. Just one thing compiling on another. You know how it goes. But TGIF!

For breakfast, I started with some muesli (about 3/4 cup), with 1/2 cup of non-fat plain yogurt, a sliced banana, and a spoonful of the cinnamon raisin peanut butter.

For a snack, I had 1/2 cup of cottage cheese with a bunch of sliced strawberries.

I knew I'd be late in getting lunch, so I also packed some dried fruit and nuts. This little batch contained one fig, one date, and a few random nuts. Gotta love nuts that are random (?).

I intended on purchasing some weird yet exciting blend from the juice bar at The Big Carrot, but I wasn't hungry. Score a point for intuitive eating! While there, I purchased some organic cherries, organic blueberries, and an Amy's dairy-free burrito (among other things). This composed my lunch, along with some sliced cucumber.

I was still hungry, so I ate this great little seed and nut bar. It was my favourite kind: all-natural, understandable ingredients, and dense like all get out. I don't know about you, but the heavier the bar, the more appealing it is to my taste buds. Of course, this translates to more calories and fat, but this bar did not display it's nutritional info which was probably a good thing! I enjoyed this bar more than is probably healthy to admit.

I ended up also visiting my local farmer's market this afternoon. It was cute! I bought some local asparagus, spinach, peppers and basil, as well as two orange chocolate chip scones from an Irish baker named Nuala (I love that name!). I hope to have this scone with tomorrow's Green Monster. I am used to the giant St. Lawrence Market, so this market seemed piddly in comparison, but it was neat to talk with the person who actually picked the asparagus, y'know? I kind of wish I had gone on an empty stomach, because I would have liked to sample some of the baked goods. Oh well, next time!

I hope to be back tonight detailing my experience with spinach pasta.  Stay tuned!


  1. i just bought some of that peanut butter in "dark chocolate dreams". (humina!) but i had to pay five whole american dollars for it! i am jealous of your canadian $2.50.

    also, i looked for gnu bars today and couldn't find them. :( the search is on!

  2. Sucker! No, I kid, I kid...Everyone should have access to $2.50 pb! This was a total fluke, though. I'm sure these usually sell for much more than $2.50!

    I browsed a very extensive "bars" section at The Big Carrot (and it really is big) and did not come across the Gnus. The search continues!

  3. WHICH WALMART WAS THIS??? And can you get to it via TTC? I've been searching for the white chocolate pb ... I found a few other flavours in stores downtown, but can't seem to find the white chocolate.

    Anyway, great finds! Enjoy your haul. :)

  4. I have a digital scale in my kitchen and I use it ALL THE TIME. I seriously reccomend one, it makes baking and cooking so much easier and I can finally measure out exact serving size of pasta, it's such a time saver.

  5. Andrea, it was the Walmart at Warden and Eglinton. Not the easiest to get to by TTC, but you could take the bus from Eglinton station. I think I nabbed the last of these, though. They were on clearance, can you believe it?!

    Heather, I have never considered this, but that makes perfect sense. Maybe I will get this when I get a food processor (I know, I still don't have one of these magical machines!).